Rotler SG8 : Guide And Seat Machine Specially tooled for high performance and 4 valve per cylinder import and motor cycle heads, $10,000. upgrade all carbide dead pilot system,
twin head fixture
Kwik-Way SVS II : valve face grinder with "high performance chuck" accuracy to .0002"
Hines "Liberator" Crankshaft balancer : the top of the line that Hines has to offer DCM Tech HB3800: Head and Block milling machine using CBN (cubic boron nitrate) and PCD (poly crystal diamond) inserts, BHJ block true square deck fixture
RL Dial "Magnum tube master" : Drive line lathe with 10" thru hole chuck for the largest of driveshaft work Westport "Shaftmaker": complete driveline assembly and autoweld, balancing machine
Axe Pressure Checker : Crack Detection Services for Engine Cylinder Heads Torchmate III : CNC plasma machine with
a water table
ABS down draft table : where we port/polish heads and grind miscellaneous ABS blast cabinet : Glass Bead blaster and pressure pot system
ABS blast cabinet : Soda blaster and
pressure pot system
Super Flow 902 Dyno : Its the latest and greatest Super Flow has to offer, equipped with 871 brake 2500HP capacity, upgraded pressure cooling system , NSCR rack system , Fuel Injection canister system for Computer controlled engines (HEMI,LS6 ect....) wide band O2 sensors possibilities are endless
Haas VF3 : 5 Axis CNC machine center Haas HL1 : CNC lathe with live tool
Sunnen SV10 cylinder hone : the latest from Sunnen, tooled specially for Dart & Merlin blocks, using diamond abrasive and synthetic coolant up to 6" bores Sunnen LH100 align hone : tooled to repair main journals 1.75" to 3.00"
SuperFlow SF600 : flow bench with Flow com and computer aided "flow analyzer"  


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